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colombia, colombia crossover, +10 others

123 Vallenato

40 Principales Colombia

pop, reggaeton, +1 others

Abaco Libros y Cafe Jazz Radio

classic jazz, colombia, +2 others

Acuario Estéreo (HJCC 1010 kHz AM, Bogotá)

1960s, 1970s, +7 others

All about that music

happy hardcore, hardcore, +5 others

ALR Jazz Radio

Alternativa Radio

Alternativa Radio

America Stereo Relax

chillout, instrumental, +2 others



Balada FM Bogota

Baladas Románticas

baladas en español, musica romantica, +3 others

Baladas Románticas

pop urbano, regueton

Banca del Parque Radio

cristiana, cultural, +4 others

Barranquilla Estereo

80s, cumbia, +4 others

Bésame (Medellín) 94.9 FM

baladas, music, +2 others

Blu Radio (Medellín) 97.9 FM

business news, cultural news, +6 others

Blu Radio, señal nacional (HJCK, 89.9 MHz FM, Bogotá / HJN42, 96.3 MHz, San Martín, Meta / HJH87, 103.1 MHz, Paipa, Boyacá / HJOM, 1090 KHz, Cartagena de Indias / HJM47 103.1 MHz, Algeciras, Huila / HJQ43, 94.1 MHz, Bugalagrande, Valle del Cauca)

armenian, bogotá, +11 others

Bolche radio

Brutal (Medellín) 91.9 Fm

pop, reggaeton, +1 others

Cactus FM Tunja

Cámara FM (HJUC 95.9 MHz FM, Medellín) Cámara de Comercio de Medellín

alternative, chillout, +4 others

Candela Estéreo Bogotá (HJPU 101.9)

bogota, latin, +1 others

Caracol Radio (Bogotá) - 100.9 FM / 810 AM - HJGL / HJCY - PRISA Radio - Bogotá, Colombia

100.9 fm, 810 am, +22 others

Caracol Radio Colombia (HJGL 100.9 / HJCY 810 AM, Bogotá) [AAC]

news, talk radio

Caracol Radio Colombia (HJGL 100.9 / HJCY 810 AM, Bogotá) [AAC]

Caracol Radio Santa Marta (HJPM 890 kHz AM, Radio Galeón)

magdalena, news, +4 others

Ciudad Stereo Tunja 94.7 FM

Clásica 88.5 (HJSA, 88.5 MHz FM, Cali)

classical, easy listening, +1 others

Colombia Bohemia

bolero, colombia, +4 others

Colombia Crossover

colombia crossover, latino

Colombia Pop Rock

00's, 80's, +3 others

Colombia Salsa Dura

bailable, salsa, +1 others

Colombia Vallenata

colombia vallenata, vallenata

Colombia Vallenata

colombia vallenata, colombian music, +1 others

Colombia Vallenata en vivo

colombian music, vallenata

Cooservicios Stereo Tunja

Corazón Estéreo

Ctb stereo

CyC Radio (Instituto Caro y Cuervo)

classical, college radio, +6 others

Durisima Radio Online

Durisima Radio Online

guagunco, latin, +5 others


Ecos del Combeima (HJNC, 790 kHz AM, Ibagué, Tolima)

full service, local news, +3 others

Ecos Prensa Radio La Calera Cundinamarca

El Sol (Medellín) 107.9 FM

Emisora Cultural de Pereira RAC (Remigio Antonio Cañarte) (HJB44 97.7 FM)

classical, college radio, +3 others

Emisora Ecos de Pasto 740

Emisora HJUT | Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano

bogota, classical, +6 others

Emitc Lasalle

Energia 102.5 FM

Esperanza Colombia radio

adventista, bucaramanga, +5 others

Esperanza Colombia Radio

adventist, musica cristiana, +2 others

Esperanza Colombia radio, (1470 kHz AM Medellín | 1020 kHz AM Bucaramanga | 96.3 MHz FM Zipaquirá)

adventista, bible teaching, +7 others

Estrella Estéreo (HJTD 104.3 MHz, La Estrella/Medellín, Antioquia)

local news, medellin, +3 others

Exa FM

93.3 fm, entretenimiento, +20 others

Fantástica Internacional (HJF92, 103.9 MHz FM, Leticia, Amazonas)

leticia, local news, +3 others

Fiesta Bogota


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