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Radio Stations in Greece


_ 101.5 AEK POP FM

balada pop, italian pop, +8 others

100 FM Radio 1

oldies, pop, +1 others


balada pop, evergreens, +15 others

104.4 Ράδιο 69

folk, greek

105.4 Studio FM 1

1055 Rock

1055 Rock Thessaloniki

107.8 Studio 12

folk, greek

12 Gods Cafe

deep house, pop, +1 others

1431 ΑΜ

folk, left wing, +4 others

2000 FM 99.8

music, news

269 FM

folk, greek, +1 others

2o laika

4Life greek

folk, greek, +1 others

4Life int.

edm, house, +2 others

4U 93.1

greek, mainstream, +1 others


ambient, experimental, +2 others


78 & 45

folk, greek, +1 others


80s, oldies, +2 others

87.6 Studio 1

folk, greek, +1 others

88 FM Radio 1

88.6 Kanali 20

greek pop, mainstream


90s Heaven

80s, 90s, +7 others

96.5 FM

greek music, news

97.3 Κανάλι 5

98.4 Κρήτη

greek, news, +2 others

984 radio

greek music, news, +1 others

99 Ράδιο 1

greek pop, mainstream

A 100

A Patras 94.4

music, news talk


folk, greek, +1 others

ABsolute City

disco, house, +4 others

Action 98.2

Adelin 107.3

Aegean Lounge Radio

chill, deep house, +2 others

Aegean Voice

AFN 360 Souda Bay

AGrece Fm

balada pop, italian pop, +5 others

Aigaio News

folk, greek, +2 others


folk, greek, +1 others

AK Radio

funk, jazz, +2 others

ak radio

Akous 80s

80s, pop

Akous Breeze

Akous Domotel Deluxe

Akous JazzIN

Akous Palko (Greek Radio)


dance, electronic, +1 others

Aktina 104.7

greek, mainstream, +1 others

Albedo 14

art, ballads, +7 others

Alexandroupolis Dee Jay 94.8

electronic, hiphop, +2 others

Alfa 96


music, town info


rock, talk

Alpha & Omega 107.3

pentecostalism, religion

Alpha 104.7

mainstream, pop

Alpha 88.6

greek, pop


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