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Radio Stations in Italy


Radio Bruno Pentasport Fiorentina

Rete Toscana Classica

100 Suoni Natura e Relax

ambient, ambient and relaxation music, +7 others

MC2 Buddha Bar Collection

chillout, lounge

Radio Rouge Italy

Rai Radio 1 Sport

live sports, sports, +2 others

_Antenna Web Assisi

assisi, firenze, +13 others

_Radio Energy Classic (Italy)

70s, 80s, +10 others

1.21 Gigawatt Radio

80s rock, blues, +13 others





70 80 Disco Funk ModernSoul e Boogie

1970s, 1980s, +9 others

70 80 Hits HQ

320 kbps, 70, +9 others

70 80 Hits HQ

70/80 Non Stop

70s, 80s, +1 others

90 Dance Radio

90s, dance, +2 others

92100 - Radio Station

92100, 92100 radio, +2 others

Abruzzo FM

Abruzzo FM

folk music, local music, +1 others



AFN 360 Aviano

american forces network, aviano, +5 others

AFN 360 Naples

american forces network, napoli, +5 others

AFN 360 Sigonella

american forces network, catania, +5 others

AFN 360 Vicenza

american forces network, news, +5 others


african music, news, +3 others

Amica Radio Veneta

folk, padova, +1 others

Antenna 1 FM 107.1 Roma

adult contemporary, lite

Antenna 1 Roma (107.1 MHz FM)

adult contemporary, hits, +2 others

Antenna Febea

Antenna Iblea Broadcasting

70s, 80s, +8 others

Antenna Network

classic hits, dance, +5 others

Antenna Radio Esse

local programming, siena

Apple Radio Dance

dance, edm, +5 others

Art Of Music

disco, funk, +5 others

Asterisco Radio

bologna, electronic, +3 others

Ballando Web Radio

folk music, local music, +1 others

Basilicata Radio 2

adult contemporary, local news

Basket 108

Bella Radio TV


gela, pop, +1 others

BluRadio Arona

adult contemporary, local news

Book Network

culture, roma, +1 others

Bru Zane Classical Radio

classical, opera, +4 others


news, news talk, +1 others


ambient, ambient and relaxation music, +13 others

Caffè Italia Radio

Canale Italia+

music, música pop

Canzoni Italiane

Casa Bertallot

alternative, electronic

Catholic Prayers

Centro Suono

pop, roma

Centro Suono Sport

roma, sport, +1 others


Ciao Radio

canale generale di intrattenimento, italian pop

CiaoComo Radio


adult contemporary, pop, +1 others

City Radio

classic hits, pisticci


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