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Radio Stations in Japan


Anime Para Ti

anime, anime openings, +2 others

Big B Radio - Jpop

music, pop

BOX : Anime Radio

anime, anime groove, +1 others

BOX : J-POP Radio - ジェイポップ 無線

j-pop, jpop

BOX : Japan City Pop -日本のシティポップ [MP3]

anime, commercial-free, +2 others

Dada More

FM Kahoku 78.7 (FMかほく, JOZZ5AM-FM, 78.7 MHz, Kahoku City, Ishikawa)

enka, japan, +4 others

FM Setagaya (世田谷)

FM Uruma

music, talk

FM那覇 (FM Naha)

Fred Film Radio(日本語)

culture, film, +1 others

Free FM Tokyo

free fm, free japan music, +2 others

Friendship Radio

christian, japan, +1 others

Fuji Cyber Forest

Gensokyo Radio

anime, touhou

Hitsujikai Radio

J-Club Powerplay HipHop(Asia DREAM Radio)

J-Pop All (Asia DREAM Radio)

hits, j-pop, +2 others

J-POP Powerplay

J-POP Powerplay

J-Pop Powerplay Kawaii(asia dream radio)

music, pop

J-Pop Sakura 懐かしい (Asia DREAM Radio)

70s, 80s, +6 others

J-Rock Powerplay(Asia DREAM Radio)

music, pop

J1 Gold (HTTP)

J1 Hits (HTTP)


Japan Hits(Asia DREAM Radio)

music, pop

Japan Tamil

Jazz Club Bandstand(asia dream radio)

1930, 1930's, +8 others

Jazz Sakura (asia dream radio)

japanese, japanese music, +1 others

Kishiwada Radio J-Pop (MP3)

Listen.Moe JPop Vorbis

Moon Mission Recordings

deep house, techno


jmetal, jppop-punk, +1 others


NHK World Radio Japan - Japanese

NHK World TV



culture, news


culture, international, +2 others

Nightwave Plaza MP3 182

Nightwave Plaza OPUS 96

aesthetic, chillwave, +3 others

Nonstop Casiopea

jazz, smooth jazz


Opening Radio



anime, jpop

Radio Dismuke 1920s-30s pop/jazz

Radio Hayama

japan, jazz

Retro PC GAME MUSIC Streaming Radio

chiptune, retro games, +2 others

Shonan Beach FM 78.9

classic jazz, hawaiian music, +2 others


anime, japanese, +3 others

Súper Tokio Radio

Tatsuro Yamashita Radio


internacional, music, +2 others

Tsubaki Web Radio

Vocaloid Radio


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