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Radio Stations in Uruguay



hits, latin music, +9 others

24 de Agosto

classic rock oldies, golden oldies, +2 others

America FM

Azul FM


instrumental, jazz, +3 others

Bohemia FM

classic rock, indie, +2 others

Carnaval del Futuro

Claridad Fm

Clásica 650 AM

música clásica, radio pública

colonia am 550


Concierto FM 95.1

dance, reggaeton, +1 others

CX12 Radio Oriental 770 AM

CX22 Universal 970 AM

Del Sol FM

El Espectador 810

El Puente FM

Emisora del Sur

información, música uruguaya, +2 others

Exa FM

93.3 fm, entretenimiento, +20 others

FM Latina

FM Naturaleza 88.1

La 30 Radio Nacional 1130 AM

La Isla Radio Online Del Uruguay

arte, candombe, +8 others

La Nueva del Sur

Laser FM

entretenimiento, información, +1 others


m24, music, +1 others

Mundo fm

mundo fm uruguay

Océano FM

Radio 1010 AM

live sports, sports news, +1 others

Radio 41 1360 AM

Radio Carmelo

Radio Carve

Radio Centenario CX36 1250 AM

Radio Clarín AM 580

Radio Cultura 1290 AM

Radio Cultura AM 1280

radio demo

music, news

radio demo

music, news

Radio Fantasma

Radio Futura 91.1

alternative rock, classic rock, +1 others

Radio Futura 91.1

alternative rock, classic rock, +3 others

Radio La Zurda

canto popular, folklore, +3 others

Radio Lacatorce10 1410 AM


catholic, religion, +1 others

Radio Montecarlo

Radio Pedal

Radio Pipí Cucú

argentina, brasil, +3 others

Radio Pipí Cucú (128 kbps)

Radio Rivera CX144 AM 1440

Radio Uno FM

Radio Uruguay 1050

información, radio pública, +1 others

Ruta FM

Sarandi 690

Sarandi 690

siglo 21 fm

Sport 890

sport 890


UNI Radio 89.1


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