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'eclectic' Radio Stations


103.3 Asheville FM

alternative, blues, +9 others

20ft Radio

ambient, eclectic, +5 others

2FBI "FBi Radio" 94.5 FM Sydney, NSW

community, eclectic, +1 others


eclectic, independent, +2 others


community radio, eclectic, +2 others

American DNA (Bob Neveritt)

eclectic, oldies, +1 others

Amvrakia Fm 91.9

70s, 80s, +7 others


community radio, eclectic, +7 others

Awfully Awesome 80's

24/7, 80s, +6 others

BackyardBend Internet Radio

aaa, adult album alternative, +2 others


community radio, dj sets, +2 others

BBC Radio 6Music (Low Bitrate)

6 music, 6music, +11 others

BBS Radio 1

eclectic programming, independent, +2 others

BBS Radio 2

eclectic programming, independent, +2 others

Beagle Radio Live

community, eclectic, +3 others


chic, eclectic, +1 others


eclectic, freeform


Capital Public Radio Music (KXPR, KXSR, KXJS)

classical, eclectic, +3 others

CKUA Radio Network

community radio, eclectic programming

Contatto Radio

eclectic, independent

Cosmic Fringe Radio

blues, eclectic, +5 others

Dandelion Radio

alternative, eclectic

Diesi 101.3

ballads, eclectic

Echo Park Radio

community radio, eclectic, +2 others

EDC - L'Echo Des Cabanes

easy listening, eclectic, +12 others

Ellinikos 93.2

ballads, eclectic, +1 others


classical, eclectic, +2 others

Fip Pop

eclectic, pop

FluxFM - Eclectic Electric

dubstep, eclectic, +3 others

FluxFM - Eclectic Electric

dubstep, eclectic, +3 others

FluxFM - Eclectic Electric

dubstep, eclectic, +3 others

Global Community Radio 1 (GCR 1)

eclectic, international news, +2 others

Global Community Radio 2 (GCR 2)

eclectic, international, +2 others

Global Community Radio 3 (GCR 3)

classical, eclectic, +3 others


cool, eclectic, +1 others

Gri Balkon

eclectic, indie, +2 others

Hope St Radio

community radio, eclectic, +1 others

Hoxton Radio

alternative, alternative rock, +9 others


chill, eclectic

Internet Public Radio

artist, arts, +3 others

Itapema FM 93.7 Florianópolis ZYD711

ac, alternative, +4 others

JB Radio-2 (flac)

blues, eclectic, +2 others

KBCS 91.3 Bellevue College, WA

bellevue, community radio, +2 others

KBRW 91.9 FM - Barrow Alaska

eclectic, native american, +2 others

KCMP 89.3 "The Local Current" Northfield, MN

adult album alternative, eclectic, +6 others

KCRW-HD2 -"Eclectic 24"

eclectic, public radio, +1 others

KECG WorldOne Radio

eclectic, world radio

KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle

alternative, eclectic, +6 others

KFFP-LP 90.3 FM Freeform Portland

community radio, eclectic, +3 others

Kill Radio - Los Angeles, CA

eclectic, indie, +1 others

KKFI 90.1 Kansas City, MO

community radio, eclectic, +1 others

KKVM 104.7 "The Mile" Vail, CO

adult album alternative, classic rock, +2 others

KLCC 89.7 Eugene, OR

classical, eclectic, +4 others

KOWS-LP 107.3 Occidental, CA

community radio, eclectic, +3 others


60s, 70s, +3 others

KPFK 90.7 Los Angeles, CA

eclectic, los angeles, +3 others

KPTZ 91.9 "Radio Port Townsend" Port Townsend, WA

community radio, eclectic, +1 others

KQBH-LP Community Radio 101.5 FM

community radio, dj sets, +3 others

KRSH "The Krush 95.9" Healdsburg, CA

americana, blues, +6 others


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