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atmospheric, breakbeat, +3 others

CFMB 1280 "Multilingue" Montreal, QC

community radio, multilingual

CFMS 105.9 "The Region" Markham, ON

adult contemporary, local news, +3 others

CHIN-AM 1540 Toronto, ON

commercial, multicultural, +2 others

CHIN-FM 100.7 Toronto, ON

commercial, multicultural, +2 others

CHKF "FM 94.7" Calgary, AB (correction)

calgary, ethnic, +2 others

CHRN 1610 "Radio Humsafar" Montreal. QC

commercial, multicultural, +2 others

CIAO 530 AM Brampton, ON

brampton, commercial, +3 others

CINA 1650 AM Mississauga, ON

bollywood, community radio, +4 others

CINQ 102.3 "Radio Centre-Ville" Montreal, QC

community radio, ethnic programming, +3 others

CIRV 88.9 Toronto, ON

ethnic programming, multicultural, +2 others

CJLL 97.9 "CHIN Radio Ottawa", ON

commercial, multicultural, +2 others

CJMR 1320 Mississauga, ON

commercial, mississauga, +3 others

CJRJ 1200 "Spice Radio" Vancouver, BC

bollywood, multicultural, +2 others

CJRK 102.7 "East FM" Toronto

ethnic programming, multicultural, +1 others

CJSA-HD1 CMR Diversity FM 101.3 Toronto, ON

multicultural, multilingual, +1 others

CJVB "AM 1470 Fairchild Radio" Vancouver, BC

multicultural, multilingual, +1 others

CKER 101.7 "World FM" Edmonton, AB

edmonton, ethnic programming, +2 others

CKIN 106.3 "Radio CINA" Montreal, QC

montreal, multicultural, +1 others

CKJS "AM 810 Multilingual" Winnipeg, MB

multicultural, multilingual, +1 others

Freies Sender Kombinat Hamburg FSK 93,0

commercial-free, community radio, +24 others

KUAA-LP 99.9 FM Salt Lake City, UT

bilingual, community, +5 others

Planet FM 104.6

community, multilingual, +1 others

WGMC "Jazz 90.1" Rochester, NY

community radio, jazz, +3 others

WNWI 1080 Oak Lawn, IL

chicago, ethnic programming, +3 others

WNZK 690 & 680 Dearborn Heights, MI

dearborn heights, detroit, +3 others

WPAT-AM 930 kHz AM, Paterson, NJ

foreign talk, local talk, +6 others

WUST 1120 Washington, DC

ethnic, multicultural, +2 others


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