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2GB 873kHz AM Sydney NSW News and ShockJock 20220701

commentary, news, +2 others

2SM 1269kHz AM Sydney NSW John Laws SuperStation 20220701

commentary, john laws, +4 others

4BH 1116kHz AM Brisbane QLD Classic Hits 20220701

ballad, classic hits, +3 others

ABC 106.5MHz FM Mount Isa QLD Northwest Queensland Local Radio

contemporary, current affairs, +4 others

ABC 540kHz AM Longreach QLD Western Queensland Local Radio 20220701

community, contemporary, +5 others

ABC 612kHz AM Brisbane QLD Queensland Local Radio 20220701

contemporary, current affairs, +3 others

ABC 702kHz AM Sydney NSW Local Radio 20220701

contemporary, current affairs, +3 others

ABC 801kHz AM Cairns QLD Far North Queensland Local Radio 20220701

community, contemporary, +3 others

ABC Classic FM 20220701

classic, news, +2 others

ABC Double J Queensland 20220701

news, old skool, +4 others

ABC Local Radio North Queensland 630kHz 20220701

local radio, news, +2 others

ABC News Radio 20220701

current affairs, news, +1 others

Big Hits Radio QLD Townsville North Queensland 20220701

ballad, classic rock, +6 others

Biloela 4BRZ 89.7MHz FM The Breeze Central Queensland

ballads, country, +4 others

Bretagne 5

local news, local weather, +3 others

Central Carolina Skywarn - WB4TQD 146.8800 MHz

north carolina weather, weather

hit 103.1MHz FM Townsville QLD hitNETWORK Hits and Old Skool 20220701

local radio, news, +3 others

hit 4ROK 107.9MHz FM Rockhampton Central Queensland

classic hits, local radio, +2 others

KBEC 1390 AM Waxahachie, TX

classic country, classic hits, +4 others

KFBK "News Radio 93.1 & 1530" Sacramento, CA

iheart, local news weather, +4 others

KOSW LP 91.3

grays harbor county, north beach, +4 others

Landeswelle Thüringen

german pop, news, +4 others

Mackay 4MK 1026kHz AM Central Queensland Classic Hits 20220708

classic hits, local radio, +2 others


aktuell, hits, +2 others

Moranbah 4RFM 96.6MHz FM Community Radio Central Queensland

community radio, local radio, +4 others

NOAA Weather Radio - KHB36 - Manassas, VA - 162.550 MHz

noaa, weather radio

NOAA Weather Radio (Twin Cities, MN)

Power100 100.7MHz FM Townsville QLD First in Local News and Music 20220701

classic rock, local radio, +3 others

Radio NWW

2000s, 2010s, +9 others

Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company (SIBC) 96.2 & 102.2

commercial, local news, +2 others

Star 106.3MHz FM Townsville QLD Todays Best Music 20220701

classic rock, contemporary, +3 others

Triple-M 102.3MHz FM Townsville QLD Rock Sports and Comedy 20220701

classic rock, comedy, +4 others

Vörösmarty Rádió

hungarian pop music, local news weather, +3 others

VOV Giao Thông Hà Nội

information, traffic, +1 others


WSB 750 & 95.5 Atlanta, GA

atlanta, information, +8 others

WUNO 630 "Noti Uno" San Juan

information, local news, +4 others

WXK27 162.400 NOAA Weather Radio - Austin, TX

WXLW 950 "Freedom 95" Indianapolis, IN

conservative, finance, +4 others


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